Letter From Kelson - Week #83 - Turkey makes me Sleepy...ZzzZzzZzz

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
That is right! It is the day when all people decide that their desire for eating healthy and losing weight will fly right out the window and hit their annoying neighbor in the face, because we have turned this day into a feed your face until your stomach explodes and then plop your, now massive, butt on the couch and watch some TV... I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!! It's a FAT KID'S favorite day of the year, and being a missionary is even better during this time, because if we play our cards right, we can repeat this cycle as many times as we want because members of the Church, at least here in the United States, will gladly have you over to feed you full of deliciously tasty food and then they will make you eat their most delicious pie, and then send you off to another dinner so that you can repeat it all over again and again!!! FOOD!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! My dissertation to this amazing holiday has been concluded. Please continue to read; if you have no desire to read because you are about to vomit, please proceed to the nearest bathroom, expel the excess food from your stomach, and then please return to the computer. You need to read this, it is super important!
Please wipe your face, you have some cranberry sauce on your cheeks. Thanks, it makes writing this to you easier, it's kind of weird trying to speak to people when they have food on their face. It is so hard to focus on what I am saying, when I am focused on how long that food had been there, or whether or not you were really saving it for later. I hope you were saving it for later though, because there are kids in Africa starving right now and they could have eaten that cranberry sauce...  just kidding; they couldn't have gotten the cranberry sauce, but there are still those kids in Africa, so say a few prayers and try the best you can to donate to the Church Humanitarian fund, so they will receive food. :)
It has been 10 days and a lot has happened since I was last able to write. In these past few days I have been able to meet a General Authority of the Church, I have taught a super awesome lesson with our Mission President and my companion, and I have felt the winds of change upon our shoulders (it was windy all day the other day XD) Which brings me to the story corner of the mission!!! YAY!!  STORY TIME!!!
It was a Blustery cool Day! 
By: Spider-man 
Illustrated by:... no money to pay an illustrator, sorry.
It was a blustery cool day, in the early fall of northern California; yeah, California isn't always sunny and it gets cold. On this day, which was one of epic proportion, because the driver of the nicest car in the world, a 2011 Toyota Corolla, began to feel a chill in his body as it was reaching temperatures of 50 degrees or so.
"WoW! I've been here too long" he said, "HAHA you are so lame now" his companion muttered, as he is freezing too...
They jump in the Corolla and they are off to see the wizard. This isn't just any wizard this wizard is a high class, super smart, and quite British.

*Yeah that is right, he is British! Want to fight about it?...I may just keep interjecting; sorry..Oops
They sat, they learned, they enjoyed, they were chastised greatly, These two elders were just soaking it up like a sponge that has not tasted the refreshment of cool water in it's entire life.
*Poor Sponge...Please take a moment of silence for the sponge...
As the elders departed they left feeling enriched and happy, then there was a sudden breeze, it blew from the north to the north, and then from the south to the south, and then from east to east, then from west to west...I think it might have been a not so good breeze, it is almost like it was running away from us.
"Did we do something?" - Missionary 1
"Nope!, those are the Winds of Change my good sir! Winds of Change!!" - Missionary 2
"I feel the change, I feel it!!!" - Missionary 1
There was a brisk motion, a quick reaction and the face planting of a George Washington, meeting Missionary 2 square in the noggin.

"Ouch!" - Missionary 2
Since then, things have changed; there are a couple of people who just decided to be baptized!!! So the winds of change are real. I know they are real and that it works. My stories are kind of open ended and they never really end. I wonder what my English teacher would say?... Don't tell Mrs. Pace.
Time for a nap!!! YAY!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler


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