Letter From Kelson - Week # 82 - Drop it like it's HOT!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Is it just me, or is it MORMON here?!! (please read the joke out loud and it will make sense)
Seeing as how it is currently a beautiful 71 degrees with a slight gusty breeze, I guess it truly is warm in here. I am loving this weather, except for one key ingredient...We are missing Rain, Snow, and maybe some change in seasons. It smells like November, somewhat, but it doesn't feel like November, it seems more like August or May. Now that all of you are either jealous, or just laughing, because you know how much I love cold weather, I will proceed to the highlighted route and then the story telling will start.
This past week was pretty fantastic...actually I am just saying that, this past week was super tough. Now I'm not talking FORD Tough, because those break too easily, but I am talking like overcooked steak. There were a lot of things that just didn't seem to go as planned. It almost seems like we were wandering around not doing anything, but to highlight what I am talking about I want to tell you the story of the "Birds in the Wilderness"
This story starts like all good TV shows with a theme song, it goes like this
Tune goes like this (Do do do do, dodada doda do...or something like that)
"Here we sit like birds in the wilderness
Birds in the Wilderness
Birds in the Wilderness
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness
Waiting on some one to get baptized"
(While reading please speak as Steve Irwin) (RIP)
We come to the deep dark jungle of the Downtown Sacramento streets of Lower Sacramento, Northern Elk Grove, and Eastern West Sacramento. In these jungles there are a rare species of White Breasted, Tie-blers. These birds are so rare that they only appear once for 2 years and then they die out forever. As we go on our safari please make sure not to feed the birds as they are ravenous and they may become permanently attached to you because they love food.
These birds are quite unique in their pursuits, you never see them by themselves, they always have a buddy, and if you ever see one alone, they usually freak out and find it very hard to think, let alone fly, so they usually fall from their trees in a petrified state. This only happens once in a blue moon, so there will be no need to panic or even think about trying to make them squirm, for it doesn't work. Let's watch as they go into action... (Imagine two birds sitting in a tree and a non-suspecting person walks across the street) As we zoom in we can see they are preparing to swoop in for a Suh suh suhweet! contact! ...OH oh there they go!!!! (Swooping motion as the birds launch from the tree) As you can see these birds are gentle to their contact as they swoop in with the good word, but it seems these people don't like them. That person is just flailing his arms and legs (Simultaneously by the way, imagine that someone flailing both their arms and legs at the same time...that's pretty funny right?!)
OH NO!!! One of the birds got tagged...I wonder if it will live??? Lets go check it out.
*Runs ever so fast, but really in slow mo, because everything is better in slow mo, camera guy trips because he is a Clumsy Carl, breaks the lens so all you will receive from now on is audio only...SORRY* (By the way, we fired that camera guy)
The Bird just "DROPPED like it's HOT!!" I don't believe I have ever seen such brutality in this manner toward a fowl before. This guy was heartless, insensitive, actually I think he was just not interested...oh well, no one can blame him for saying "no."  It's OK, the bird seems to be rising up to take another try at this...Another swoop, and another crazy encounter with the hard ground...It seems that everyone these birds try to talk to are telling them "no"...Why? What do they have against their words? I am not sure, what to think here,
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo A crocodile!!! I love those things!!!!
Oh wait, we are looking for the White breasted, Tie-bler..Sorry, I have ADD. ;P
It seems this bird is resilient and wont give up, that is what I like to call having the heart of a sting ray.
XD lol! (Sorry if it is too soon, I love Steve Irwin)
Well folks that is it for these rare birds, they are resilient, they don't let anything get them down, they are way tougher that a FORD any day of the year...I'm Steve Irwin and this is Animal Planet!
We had to drop all of our investigators this past week, it was super rough, we were told on many fronts that they were not interested, the work seemed to halt, but then we remembered whose work it really is...Not mine!! This is the work of God, this is the work of salvation to the world. God will not be stopped, and we see it through the great blessing of our zone being able to baptize 7 truly converted people this month. 1 more than our goal of 6. There are all sorts of things that happen to us in our lives that may make things seem like the world is ending and that if we don't get it our way then we will never be happy and life will cease...well I hate to tell you this, but tomorrow is coming baby, there is no way that tomorrow won't come because whether it is a mortal tomorrow or a spiritual tomorrowtomorrow always comes. This is Eternity, "and there ain't nothing you girls can do about it." We have great things going on into this week and we are going to be able to see many amazing things come to pass in the branch in which I am serving, sorry you won't be here to experience it with me. I guess you'll just have to keep reading. Keep up the prayers; they are helping make things easier here.
To my cheering section around the world,

Elder Wheeler
Love ya!!!
p.s. MOM!!! TYPOS!!!
p.p.s. Next week the e-mail will not be sent until Thursday. Sorry, but I don't have a P-day until then. Take care! 


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