Letter from Kelson #10 - Yet another Crazy week...with a happy Ending? or so I thought

Good Morning From Sunny California!!! First off I would like to congratulate my cousin Kurt and Melani on their new baby, who just so happened to be born on the single most important day in all of mankind, besides the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Restoration of His church...It was on My BIRTHDAY!!!! (Spencer, you and I will be best friends!!!) As many of you know this past week was the week of the anniversary of my coming to be. It was quite a bit exciting, and also I kind of forgot about my birthday a couple of times...no joke! This past week was super tough, after we had the 2 baptisms we kind of had our investigators drop off the face of the planet, so this week we were on the prowl for new people to want to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was tough, because as we tried super hard to keep people interested they let us down. They would either not open the door, when we knew they were home, or purposely say they were in the shower, or even just tell us that they are done studying with us. It is super frustrating to see this happen, not to mention that as we are riding our bikes we see the evil of the world all around us and it makes us want to just break down and cry from shear depression of the sins of the people. But no more depression...on Friday the 29th we had an entire day filled with service, I had the ability to spend a whole day in shorts out here and it was absolutely the best birthday present the Lord could have given me... On my birthday it was a super day, All week Elder Outlaw had been asking me what I had wanted to receive as a birthday present, but I was undecided. Until I found this 6 inch tall Samus Aran (Metroid Prime Hero) action figure, but alas it doesn't even hit stores until October...*cough* Christmas *cough*. Because I couldn't have that I told him that I wanted a set of Nunchucks. For those who are unawares, possibly everyone, My Companion Elder Outlaw is really good with nunchucks, and as his Son on the mission he wants to pass the skill down to me, so I will be learning and practicing with my Paper towel roll nunchucks until I get the hang of it and he gives me my fully certified, illegal pair of nunchucks (they are only illegal to be carried, if they stay in the apartment we are fine). That is going to be my present from him. I received a great package from my cousins who seem to be celebrating my birthday now for a whole new reason, which was exactly what I needed, and they helped my wardrobe a lot. Enough of what I got, this is what my day was like. 6:30 - Wake - up, move to chair and sleep for another 30 min... 7:00 - Shower and get ready for the day 7:45 - Eat the wonderful breakfast made for me by my companion (he is a wonderful chef, I had an Egg, ham and Cheese sandwich with oranges and a granola bar. plus the last of the Orange Juice. He loves me, and careful any ladies who want to have a man like this...he goes home in 5 months.) 8:00 - 5:00 work our brains off trying to get people to come to church on Sunday... 5:30-6:30 Dinner which was delicious and made for us by a lovely single sister. 7:00 -9:00 finish working and plan for the next day... My Birthday wasn't too centered around me, but it was just enough to celebrate and stay focused. The really good stuff happened on the 1st. We had dinner with this family, the Moser's. They threw me a Birthday party. I had a Cake, they got me presents, and I got a special dinner plate that said "You are special today!!!" They are super awesome, and definitely help make this much easier to be away from home. Even out here in California I find families that are similar to my own...haha I don't feel any different except I am no longer a teenager, and I guess I feel more responsible but I think that has a lot to do with the increase of responsibility my trainer is putting upon me. Also all that work we did on my birthday to get people to come to church was all for no dice. NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH!!! This is so aggravating, because you would think that if you invite enough people to come to church at least one of them would come, but I now know that it doesn't matter the number of people, but the quality of people, and seeing as how I am in the middle of Ghettoville I will have to work really hard to find quality people. All in all it wasn't a super successful week, but if every week were successful I wouldn't learn anything...and I am not sure where I am to go and what to do, but Alma 37:11 always helps me to be patient and comforted in my lack of understanding. I thank all of you for the Happy Birthday's and the times that I have been able to share with all of you these past 2 decades. I will see all of you after a short time of 2 years and you won't even recognize me anymore. I used to walk around with just normality around me, now I walk away from huge explosions and I have some really BA music playing in the background (everywhere I go). THAT'S THE POWER OF PINE-SOL BABY!!! Working on My Way of Missionary, Elder Kelson Wheeler


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