Letter From Kelson - Week #58 - I sent it again!!! oh well I guess that's what happens

Mom's Note:  I'm sorry this is a week late.  I've been on vacation and I kept forgetting to send this out.    Dad kept hounding me, though, so here it is...

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

Why, hello there, I almost missed you behind the shadow of my overly sized head. Actually it is the shadow of my overly sized belly from all this really good food, but you know sometimes I think with my stomach so it works out in the end.  This past week was awesome, we had lots of time to spend out on the streets of Stockton, helping people sharing the Gospel and showing people who really is Boss...Well, God of course is the boss.

As we talked to these people we had much success in the way of finding new people to teach, and then they had much success in not showing up for our return appointments. All in all we all were successful in being successful. Sounds like a great week right?!?! Well it was because we had many opportunities to teach lessons, give out copies of the Book of Mormon and give lots of Priesthood Blessings. That in itself is the picture perfect image of missionary

So I sent my mother an incomplete e-mail and so I am now going to finish it. 

success. (end of the previous sentence)

We have a couple of families that we are working with and some of them are really solid. They have decided that they feel baptism is the way to go. We just have to get them motivated about going to church. Then it will be a happy ending with a Saturday afternoon splash party and a Sunday morning blessing session. It is going to be great, plus my birthday is coming up so I will be able to celebrate those events and my anniversary of leaving childhood all in the same month.  It is going to be off the hook, but not really, because I am a pretty mellow guy and when it comes to doing crazy off the wall things that I know are not good for me, I try to shy away from those things...Or am I?  

Things couldn't get any better, we have a ward that loves us and missionaries who are always willing to help, so all in all, I think we are destined to see success.  As long as we leave it to God all things are possible.

Not much more is there to tell, just a bunch of grunt work, but I will say this. I love ya, enjoy the summer because it is getting hotter by the day and I may end up dying here in the next few days because of the heat index/scorching sun and what not.

Until next time!

Elder Wheeler

p.s.Mom when you read both letters know that i forgive you for your not writing. TYPOS PLEASE!!!


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