Letter From Kelson - Week #59 - Drama Drama Drama, When did I go into acting?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!!

It is a wonderful 80 degrees here with a gentle cool breeze from the west...It is awesome, at least now. This past week it hit 105 and Elder Badger and I felt every degree.  I mean we were sweating like nobody's business. I may need to invent a bicycle with an AC unit, or maybe pray super hard for global cooling so that it is a cool summer with temperatures in the 80's all the time. I think my bicycle is suffering more than me though, because there are times that it just sits in the sun while I am knocking on doors, and there is no relief. I plead with you to pray for cooler weather so that my bike won't suffer a painfully hot death. Please pray for him

This week's episode has a lot of funny stuff that goes with it, however, there are many things that will be disclosed when there is no longer a tag on my chest.  Not because it is bad about the area and what not, but it would take forever to put it into words on paper; I just need to tell you the story in person. But the drama comes from trying really hard to get people to church and to help them keep their commitments. We are working with a lot of people, we are also having to give up a few of our people because of overly dramatic families and the need for more mature missionaries than me to handle said problems, and we are kind of poaching from the Spanish elders so we need to give them their fair share of investigators. I didn't mean to, honest, it just kind of happened. This past week we tried relentlessly to find people to teach, we also played the part of the annoying missionaries who knock on your door everyday, but that was because we don't have a working phone number anymore. As we did these things we were blessed with members who felt compassion on us, we also found opportunities to do some service, and we were able to make acquaintances with people who don't believe in anything, but they soon will...because the spirit will tell them there is life and happiness and they will believe in Christ, not because I was going to break their legs or something, come on...I have changed.

All in all I feel like we can continue to see success around every corner, and all it will take is a bit of elbow grease, mixed in with a bit of testosterone, maybe a hint of basil, some protein, a dash of salt, maybe a great deal of heat and some off the wall object lessons to top of this missionary surprise. I should have a cooking show instead of an e-mail blog. I now go off to deal with more drama, but I am here to tell you that when at first you don't succeed, go for round two, because it only goes up from there...hehe get it, 3. 4. 5. 6...10...10000.....10000000000

Love ya and know that I will be okay, no matter what kind of family, timing and ward drama there is ;).

Elder Wheeler

P.s. MoThEr have fun on your little non-vaca and please fix my typos... PEACE!
pp.s I am sorry it is short, but time is short and I don't have any really cool stories that are word available at the moment. Other than I keep beating my companion at scrabble...except for the Blue Moon occurrences.


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