Letter From Kelson - Week # 94 - HAPPY NO LOVE TO MISSIONARY DAY!!! ;(

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
I want to just say that we have had an answer to an area fast! It has been raining all week and it is great!! YAY for cars! I am loving this whole Zone Leader thing, It makes staying dry so much easier. Last year I was on a bike when it was raining and it wasn't daisies and sunshine, but it was pretty fun. I must say, though, I feel for those missionaries that have to ride their bikes in this weather. It isn't easy to be motivated to go out and ride around your area while you are soaking wet and trying to share the gospel. They are real troopers and I think that every missionary that rides in the rain for at least one whole day on his mission should be given a plaque and a candy bar so that they know that we appreciate their sacrifice for the kingdom of heaven. If we can't afford the candy bar, we will send them a colored picture from my cousin's 7 year old...They are pretty nice!
We have been well blessed this past week, we now have 2 people who are ready and willing to be baptized on February 22nd!!! It is so awesome! I think this is the most success I have had in such a short time. It is crazy how the Lord works, and the things that he does to make everything happen at the right time and for the right reasons. I wish that the whole rest of my mission was like this, but I think that the reason it wasn't is because I needed to grow and that growth took lots of hard work and exercise! By exercise I mean dealing with rejection and doubts. My struggles now are with internal turmoil and disheartened missionaries. They are having a hard time getting the motivation to go out and work because it is raining and there has been some success but they are running into opposition at every corner and some of them are just letting themselves get discouraged. This is a big no no, which is where Elder Sabin and I come in. We are having success and we are getting along great. We also are worried about their success and as such we are trying to help them by offering time for us to come help them as well as prayers and fasts and other things that we are able to do with our agency. We can't do everything for them, but we can help them in the ways of spiritual/moral support. We are both pretty optimistic so I think it is starting to rub off on them. That is our hope and we will keep it up.
I want to tell you a story about what happened two weeks ago at a baptism we were attending...
The water was cool, the crowd was quiet, there was the sound of an angelic voice that was gliding across the air as the words of life were being spoken and there was this unusual gurgling sound that was unidentified and subtracting from the spirit. The crowd under their breath begin to whisper to one another, "What is that?" The looks of puzzled members turned ever so slightly to the missionmormonaries that were involved in the baptism. The was a quick shrug of shoulders shared with everyone that they had no idea of what was going on either. The sound continues, the people keep trying to listen, while paying no attention to the gurgling sounds, but the focus just isn't present. It seems that the sound has stolen the show and the husband to the angel speaking turns and looks at the Leaders of those missionmormonaries that shrugged off their knowledge. As the gaze of "Fix this" was given, the two missionaries sprang into action, there was a quick move and a long walk.
They sped to the back of the room, trying to find out what the sound was. There was a long look at the water in the font; it looked fine, the drain was plugged, and it seemed as if there was no problem. But the sound, almost as if it was a hungry fasting missionary, was getting louder and louder as the time went on. Where was it coming from? What was causing it? These missionaries were puzzled, but then out of the corner of one of their eyes the see the overflow drain... 
With a quick thought, they desired to plug the overflow drain and stop the sound. They couldn't do it though, there seemed to be about 300 gallons of water standing in their path. Their suits were not waterproof and they were a bit low on clean clothes at this very inconvenient time. They needed a miracle to be able to walk on water or something, however, they lacked the faith to do that one.
"Brain Blast!!!"
Grab a trash can, empty out the water one bucket at a time! Lower the water and keep the water from draining out of the overflow...GENIUS! The missionaries jump into action, they find a room.... (Imagine the mission impossible theme going in the background) *Flash of the screen with a POW motion... TRASH CAN!! (POW sounds) Taking the trash can into the font room, and putting into the water... *Flash of a different colored screen... WATER!!! (Kapow sounds) Pour in the sink to dispose of the water *Flash again... EMPTY!! (Mortal Kombat Finish him!) As they lowered the water, the sound stopped and the day was saved!!!
Smiles and a nice syncopated High Five! *Flash the Success screen and winking faces!
THE HEROES SAVE THE DAY!!!  There was much rejoicing!!! yay...!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Valentines Day that I won't be enjoying.... ;(
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
p.s. mom I used a computer today that was kind of old, which means I was running an older version of e-mail, which means that there are lots of spelling errors and grammatical flaws...please fix them... TYPOS!!! love ya


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