Letter from Kelson - Week # 78 - We're taking on Water Captain!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It's once again time for the weekly update from everyone's favorite superhero CAPTAIN INJURY!!! How did you like my story last week? Was it good? Scary? Did you have to place both hands over the wee little children's eyes as they imagined the horrifying scene? Did anyone cry? or did you just say, "I expected as much"? I need to know these things. Please let my mother know the answers to these questions so she may return and report to me, and give me an understanding of the feelings of my readers. I need to know these things, just in case I am getting too graphic for those people with sensitive imaginations. The small children should be fine, but I am really thinking about that much older generation that is having to read these things...DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!!!
This week was super awesome! We had one of the most memorable baptisms EVER! The person who received the great blessing of being baptized was named Josh and he is one big man! I think I already revealed his size, but I'll do it again for those who are new to the reading crowd. He is 6'9" easily 400lbs. He is just a really big man. He is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he has a tender heart, a desire to follow Christ, and he likes a lot of the same things I do...YAY! I want to tell you about his baptismal experience, from the point of view of someone looking from the outside in.
He stood in the water, about waist high for a normal person or about to his lower knee cap, on the shorter leg.  His smile reached from Maine to Washington skipping over the mountains and shooting straight to Thailand. The light shown in his countenance, his eyes glimmered like stars in the night sky, and his Toga was as white as the driven snow. It seemed as if all of his cares and sorrows were about to be lifted from his shoulders. He felt the peace of the Savior fall upon him as he gracefully went down into the moderately warm water. Down he went, as the death of his old self, and up again to feel revitalized and ready to face the challenges of the next day. When he was down, however, The Toga felt it necessary to stay afloat giving a bit of a hindrance to the ordinance which had been performed. When he arose from the water he gasped for air to breathe in his new life, and the witnesses who stood watching made the subtle but quiet statement...
"We're sorry, but you'll need to do it again, the clothes were not submerged with him"
*Now to the regular person whom is unaware, this ceremony is so important that it needs to be done exactly correct, and in the correctness of it the clothes need to be completely submerged as well as the person. This is why we needed to perform it again. I will now continue with the recitation*
There he stood once again, this time a bit wetter than before, but still glowing and now with much more shimmering, because of the light reflecting off the water on his skin. He still was containing his Joy as he was thinking of all the cool things he was about to do as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He took another deep breath and waited for the prayer to be uttered. The Prayer was spoken, the Amen was called, and the baptism proceeded. He took one last deep breath and laid back so that he may be submerged in the water. What he didn't realize is that his deep breath filled his lungs and made him more buoyant than before. He floated atop the water, but the Lord needed him to become a member, so the Lord through a still small voice spoke to the Priesthood holder performing the ordinance to lay him down and push him under. he felt two hands push him down submerging his body, and then the cloth in its rebel ways was still floating. The priesthood holder quickly acted, forcing the cloth under the water just in time for everything to be completely immersed in water for one moment. The baptism was completed and Josh came straight away out of the water with the feelings of everlasting joy and happiness. He had done it! He had finished the race to the starting line and then started on the journey to Exaltation. Now the real fun begins.
It was super fun to be able to see this ordinance performed. I personally felt the Spirit very strongly and so did the members of the congregation that attended. Josh's mother who was in attendance was very pleased and happy with the service, even though she is not of our faith, she too, had felt the Spirit at that moment. This is just proof that the Spirit will testify to all about the truthfulness of the message of the Restoration. I know that as I open my mouth others can receive the happiness that Josh has just recently experienced.  I long to help others to have similar experiences. I hope the baptism we are planning for this weekend continues to hold strong. We are expecting to be able to see many people enter into the waters of baptism these last few months. We are going for 721 total for the year of 2013. We are only 200 or so short, piece of cake with God's help ;)
I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting, it was an amazing talk, from the reviews I have received. The first two speakers were very short winded. I had 30 mins to fill, and I am pleased to announce that I didn't disappoint. I spoke the whole time and I think everyone was engaged in the talk...I guess I really do like to hear myself talk, one of my many flaws that I will deal with. (Note to my Bishop: I don't know if you are expecting me to speak for a long time or not, but it would be wise to put me last...I like to go on and on and on)
My week is completed now, and I go off to make more adventures.
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
*EXCLAMATION POINT* ( name that talk from conference) ;)


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