Letter From Kelson - Week # 98 - No Good Deed happens without a visit from the Police! ;)

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

You are not going to believe what happened this week!! It was just soooo...I mean if you were to hear what was going on, you wouldn't even believe me...There was this...Oh my this is the best story ever!!!!

When it comes to being a missionary there are a lot of things that you need to factor in to how you change and become a better person. This past week I have had some time to reflect on how much I have changed, and also on some things that need to change because it will end up with me not being who I need to be.  There are some character traits that seem to wiggle their way out of me when things get tough or I want to just quit, or maybe I am feeling lazy. It is called Selfishness. I figured this out this morning, when I didn't want get out of bed and I asked Elder Sabin some very stupid questions to try and hint to him that I wanted him to get up and shower first so that I could sleep a little longer. We were getting up earlier, so sleeping in would be OK. This was a minor instance where things of this kind happened, but I have learned that I like to try and use inception with a lot of things I do. I try and implant my ideas into others' minds so that they do what I want.  But as I was reading the scriptures, I am supposed to help people come to the conclusion I want them to, through gentleness, meekness, long suffering, kindness and love unfeigned...Which is everything other than inception. D'oh!!! I also realized that it was sneaking its way into my missionary work, which is where I think I was happy, but not as happy as I could be. I have made a new resolution that I will change my way of thinking, and trying to help people think the way I think through these methods...or in short hand I am working on being more Christ-like...Hum...Go figure!!!  If you find yourself falling into this cycle of trying to help others see your point of view or do what you want them to through unrighteous ways, repent now, change who you are and become someone that people not only rely on, but trust when you ask them to do something, just as the Savior would. 

Now on to the story that you are probably anticipating because I made a 3 line waste of space talking about what a great this story is going to be and then I ADD'ed to a lesson learned in the mission field.

Thursday, March 6, 2014, a day that will forever live in tragedy...Or maybe just a nice memory that will find its way into my subconscious and I will dream about it some other time when I am not thinking about this day. It was a pleasant day, there were a few rain drops far away in the sky, falling on the horizon, probably a few more cars than rain drops on the road, and a very small amount of time allotted to the missionaries for travel and meetings. 

*Who remembers the old blues brothers movies...you remember when they would be driving and the camera would be in the backseat and you would see their heads bobbing to the music and then as soon as something was about to happen you would have the camera pan over to the front of the cab, so you could see the reactions of the actors. 

This very thing happened, but it wasn't actors, this was real life.  There were missionaries in the front seat and we were jamming out to some nice piano music. We were driving at a nice slow pace of 7.347 miles per hour when we came to the back of a line of cars behind a green light. Now when it comes to basic Physics and Philosophy everyone knows that Green means lay on the gas and hope you don't hit anyone. but it seems that these people at the front of the line felt that green meant, "I might want to wait a little longer", or maybe we should just chill here. The Camera pans to the green light and there is no change...???

As we pan back to our delinquent missionaries, the sunglasses are pulled off ever so slowly, like the guy from CSI: Miami and he looks at his companion... "There is trouble afoot!!!" he quickly makes a Golfer Niner Niner Alpha Omega 17 maneuver, that is only seen in highly trained and skilled drag races that are authorized by those who have not been black listed. Once the car is parked in a nice place in a parking lot, the missionaries open up their shirts to reveal the tights that bear the mark of superhero!! "W" man and "S" man!!!  When they came upon the scene, there was a damsel in distress.  She was stuck in the intersection being trapped by the Evil Doctor Metal Box. This metal box had four wheels and just didn't want to move. He was a nasty, ruthless, toothless, gas eater like never seen before. But he was no match for these two servants of the Lord because as they pushed and pulled they were able to move this damsel from her place in the intersection and place her safely in a parking lot. However, this evil doer had a minion who just wouldn't let this lady go, he was a nice fellow, but his desire was to occupy this lady's time and make her feel more uneasy about what the Evil Doctor Metal Box had done to her. 

Everything was fine with the situation, the jailer/tow truck had already been called and we were waiting for this lady to be delivered to the car repair shop when the minion felt it necessary to flag down the 2 most rootin, tootin, best shot in the west bubblegum drivers in the wild east Sacramento! Little did he know that these two officers of the Law would ruin his plans and cause him to be given the boot to the next place out of town.! It was very nice for these two gentleman to ask our enemy to step off and leave this nice lady alone. When the Jailer came to take the Evil Doctor Metal Box away, the two officers gave us the signal and we were off to save the day in another place in the land! Once again the world has been saved by the missionmormonaries!!! it only took 2 hours out of our day, noooo big deal. It could have been less if that minion hadn't stuck around for like ever... ;( 

It was pretty awesome, some members drove by and got some pics of us in action, but I was not pictured for I was on the wrong side of Doctor Metal Box. I will be an unknown hero and will forever go down in history as a good man!

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

p.s. mom!! Typos!!!


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