Letter From Kelson - Week #100 - When will this meeting end?

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
From the Cordova Zone in the Sacramento Mission in California, This is the 100th annual* General e-mail of The Missionary service of Elder Wheeler for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Speakers selected from the General Thoughts and Authorities of the Brain of Elder Wheeler. With Music by the Mormon Tabernacle thought process. Members and friends of Elder Wheeler have come from all over the world to read his e-mail and enjoy a quick moment of joy and happiness. Elder Wheeler, 1st counselor in the presidency of his brain will conduct this session.
Welcome, my brothers and Sisters to the 100th annual* General E-mail. It is good to be with you this day and share this beautiful weather with all of those whom we call our friends and family. We would like to recognize all those who are reading from smart phones, dinosaur computers, appleTV, and satellite broadcasts. Elder Wheeler will preside over this session. We will be pleased to hear from our first and only speaker, Elder Wheeler....Elder Wheeler
My Brothers and Sisters, welcome to this e-mail. I am reminded of a time when I was a zone leader in the Cordova zone, in the American River Branch. Serving as a zone leader is hard work; it was a long week for me as we had 3 surprise meetings between the Mission and the Stake that seemed to come up at every turn. As we scurried to and fro from meeting to meeting, trying our best to make sure that we were prepared for everything that came our way, we found ourselves with a lack of time to go out and teach people. It was hard work. There were needs and desires of others that needed to be fulfilled so that they could be successful in their callings as missionaries, members, and other leaders. As we made every attempt to find out the best way to help others, we found ourselves in a jam to find people to teach and how to teach the number of lessons that we had committed ourselves to teach. It was hard; there were times when we thought that we would not be able to achieve any of our goals, but we remembered that we set our goals with faith and drive to achieve them. I am glad to say that we were able to come close and juggle our schedule around to see a miracle this past week. 

The miracle came in the form of a guy from Taiwan. I will withhold his name, but he is super awesome! We met him last Sunday as we were trying to find former investigators in this apartment complex. We knocked on this nice guy's apartment and he told us, "Sorry man, there isn't a person by that name here." As we kept talking to him we were impressed to ask to come in and share a quick message with him. We did exactly as prompted, but it didn't turn out quite as we thought it would.  We left thinking that things probably wouldn't go anywhere, but then on Tuesday, in between all of these meetings, we received a text from this nice guy from Taiwan saying that he couldn't make it to the activity that evening. We were shocked, because he text us, without us really trying to text him.  We were so excited, that we invited him to tour the Temple with us on Saturday. He said that would be awesome! and that he would love to!!! It was sooooo cool. 

Throughout the week we were so excited for the Saturday meeting, and we would text him to remind him and he would show his equal amounts of excitement.  When the Tour happened, he talked about how he was so filled with peace and serenity and how he really liked it. He doesn't have a good Christian background, but he was able to feel that God was there and Loved him. He is now coming to our Family Home Evening tonight and things are going crazy awesome here!!! Keep up the prayers my beloved Brothers and Sisters and keep the faith.  Don't lose faith when things get hard, or you have roadblocks that just come up at random times. you can make it work, just move forward with faith and pray often!!! The Great God of Love that we are blessed with knows all of your worries and cares, and can take those burdens from you, but only if you allow him to. Reach out your hand to him that is mighty to save and comfort.  Never fear. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your Faith.
This has been the 100th annual* General e-mail of The Missionary service of Elder Wheeler for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Take care and Love ya!!! Tune into General Conference on the first week of April for the real deal and hearing from a Prophet of the Lord.
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. mom Typos Please!!!

* Actually weekly, but annual sounds better.  


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