Letter From Kelson - Week #101 - Extensions!!! I love this Work!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

I have BIG NEWS!!! This is so awesome and only happens once in a blue moon anymore. I only have a few lines to write because my time is short, but I have taken the chance of asking my Mission President a very big question.  Actually it is more of a request, but I have asked him if he would allow me to have an extension to my mission. Maybe a transfer or two...Now I did this without consulting my family first, because I didn't know if it would actually happen. So I asked him for this extension, and after much prayer he has pulled some strings and I will be staying in the Sacramento California Mission until June when he goes home as well!!! 


This is awesome! I never thought I would ask for an extension, but I did and look at what happened. I have been given a chance to keep spreading the word. I have been blessed with an opportunity to share the Gospel for another 6 weeks!!! My official release date has been changed to June 4th!!!! My Mother should be receiving a Letter in the Mail from the mission President shortly telling her of the change in date and time. I am soooo excited for this and I hope you are equally as excited...

Anyway in the work sector, we are seeing a great amount of success and it is moving along smoothly. As a zone we set a goal to baptize 15 people in the month of April. This is huge, but we are all confident and feel good about this goal. We have people to back it up and the zone is excited to hit this goal. We are all working on being more accountable to the goals that we have set and by doing so we will be blessed to see many miracles in the work. 

Speaking of miracles, this past week we found this investigator who is totally solid, and the only reason we found him is because we kept going back to see this apartment that had many potential investigators in it. Every time we went there was a different person we were looking for, because they showed a brief amount of interest and set up a return appointment. However, this new guy actually asked us when we were coming back to follow up on his reading and how he could learn more!!! The work is moving quickly and there isn't enough time to make it all work... 9 weeks and counting!!!

I have to go, but I love you all and appreciate all of the prayers in my behalf.

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

P.s. Please stop showing an angry face and help me with my TYPOS!!!!

Mom's Note:  An hour and a half after I got his email, I received the following video from a member in California.


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