Letter From Kelson - Week # 92 - Mormon Movers - We will call the Missionaries!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
It is Tuesday again! Aren't you tired yet of these Tuesday e-mails? I know I am, I want my P-day to be on Monday, that is where it belongs and it should forever stay there, for if it didn't I would have to become acclimated to something new and that just throws a monkey wrench into all of my plans causing mass chaos and a very unhappy camper, and by camping I mean staying in a members home while they allow me to do missionary work. Which brings me to the news that you are all waiting for. Because I am writing on a Tuesday, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I am being transferred, but it is also the Bad news...Well I may need to make up my mind later, but right now I am moving to a new area, in which I will become a Missionary Legend and then I will hang the tag up for a season. Now, I am not excited about this fact, but it is the inevitable. I can either face it like a man and let it come, but work my hardest, or I can be scared of it and then waste all of my efforts worrying about my impending doom and then not accomplishing what I am here to do. That seems very counter-productive, and then there is some more bad news... I have to pack again, gosh I loathe packing! It is like moving.  I promise that whomever I marry will have to deal with wherever we settle down, because I will not be moving often. I think it might even be never, until I die. I may be persuaded by mass amounts of food, or maybe money, or maybe the Call from God to stop whining and just move already, but I will not be persuaded by any other means.... OK if my future wife wants to move I will do as she asks, as long as it is working in our benefit; if there is a no good reason to move I will sink my roots deep in the ground and not move.
*Elder Wheeler willing to compromise, but not a push over, look out ladies he may smite your hearts with his devilish good looks and charm...or maybe with a samurai sword, depends on what he has on hand!*
As for where I am being transferred, I am going to be serving in the American River YSA Branch with my companion Elder Sabin. It is located in the Rancho Cordova area, pretty close to the temple. YAY! I will be driving a car; it is an older model so I will not be able to say I am rocking a Corolla again, and you may say I am spoiled, but I am! You will just need to stop your hating and become OK with it, I will use every resource given to me :) Oh and I will live with a member of the church, which is going to be really nice, because it won't smell like Marijuana when I walk into my apartment, like it has for the last 21 months of my mission. YAY for no POT!!
Wow, I feel like I had a very uneventful week because I am having a hard time writing to you, which sometimes happens because I suffer from a severe case of writers block, or it could be a senior moment where I forget things that actually happen to me, and then I have flashbacks to when I was in the War. After my episodes I then figure things out and realize that I am OK, and that it is just writers block and the last two events never happened because I am too much of a wuss to go to war, and I am not old enough for senior moments, so through the art of science and technology and about 36 hours of lab work while staring into the Sun, I have figured out that I am a normal person once again. YAY!!! Normality has been established, now I am no longer a danger to society! :)
I need to go, there is a schedule to keep and I am behind, plus I need to pack, and you remember from my first title/subject about the movers, you have to be packed before you can have anyone move. Adios Amigos!!! I will talk to yalls laters!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
p.s. Mom! I have many typos and I am a terrible writer during normality, so please correct my normality and make me abnormal again! Love ya!
p.p.s. Sorry it is short, but you know how life is, sometimes it is better in the moment!


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