Letter From Kelson - Week # 90 - Fun is my Chinese neighbors middle name!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
I am having a blast!! I love my mission sooooooo much!!! Let me tell you why! This past week we were able to have all sorts of good times! I loved it; there was not a moment of this past week where I wasn't just filled with the utmost joy. I think this is what the Celestial Kingdom is going to feel like. Wait I might have had one or two bad moments, however, those don't count because those moments were quickly ostracized and beaten for their unfortunateness. We don't like down thoughts and non-fun moments, although they make the fun moments better, hum... Maybe they can stay, but they need to sit in the back of the brain. Since they are sitting in the back of the brain, I will continue with the good stuff that made this week so FUN!!!
It started off with a super awesome training by "Yours Truly" and his companion, of course. We trained on goal setting, and JOY!!! I love Joy!!!  Thus, Fun and Joy are synonymous with one another! YAY!!! I love Fun Joy! Anyway, we trained on these things and setting good goals and overcoming obstacles by busting your butt so that you are leaving everything on the field that you are playing on. It was pretty fantastic, and then we saw an increase of success in the missionaries in our zone that had been struggling. It was awesome, some companionships that were not teaching more than 10 lessons a week jumped to almost 30! Can you say "Oh YEAH!!!" -Elder Allred!
After that training I went on this super awesome exchange with Elder Brook, one of my favorite missionaries. We talked with everyone, and as we talked with everyone, they were just like, "oh yeah, you guys are pretty cool, I want to learn more." Missionary work at it's finest. We ended up teaching 11 lessons in one day! Wahoo!!! It was fantastic, we met this guy named Uncle P and he was just telling us how things should go and we were informing him that the true church does that... and then asked him to come to church with us. He said no...aw...but that is ok, we then had some really good lessons with other people and it was suh-suh-suh-weet!
Then this past weekend we went to church and had only one investigator come to church. This was awesome! It was awesome due to the fact that this investigator when we talked to her after church said the correct words to make one happy while they are a missionary. These words were, "I really liked church today!" We love those words a lot because then what we do is we swoop in with a sweet invite to be baptized! We swooped in like a pelican after a fish. We invited her to be baptized this Saturday and she accepted.!!! We have a baptism this Saturday and it was all thanks to the Lord! We were not sure if we were going to be able to keep teaching this investigator because she was riding the fence and being indecisive. She made a decision, and we are now happy to announce that she will be making a covenant with God on Saturday and receiving the Holy Ghost on Sunday!! Thanks for all those people back home or wherever they are that are praying for us and the miracles of the work to be accomplished. It has helped a lot.
Now the fun doesn't stop there. Today, when I was outside of one of the apartments waiting on other missionaries, we were just sitting there and as we looked around we saw this girl. I looked at her and she at me, then I waved and she waved back. There was the connection and then she was ours. We went over to her at the bus stop and we began to talk with her. She is pretty legit! We talked to her about life and the purpose of life, and as we did we got to know her a little bit and now we have an appointment with her tomorrow at 3! This whole talking with everyone thing is the most effective thing I have done on my mission yet! Why it has taken me so long to add it to my tool belt, I have no idea, but I will keep using it! Just open your mouth and the Lord will fill it!
Time for a cool story...
One time at Missionary Camp...
The story continues, I will finish it when I'm no longer at missionary camp! See ya! Have a FUN WEEK!!!!
Love ya,
Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mother Typos Please!!! love ya!


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