Letter From Kelson - Week #91 - Infomercial!! Infomercial!! Infomercial!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!

Hey you! 

Are you tired of the same old boring soap?! Are you tired of having to pay expensive prices for soap that only kills 99.99% of bacteria?! Are you ready for something that is going to blow the dirt right out of your pores?! 

With our new patented technology, you can have more than your physical dirt washed away, but your inner dirt too!!! Here are some testimonials about this great product:

"I remember my baptism, it was a nice cool evening and there were so many people. When I went down into the water it was almost as if the care and sorrow that was in my life was removed from my life and I was forgiven. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had and I would recommend this product everywhere I go, because I know how happy it will make you." - Anonymous

"When I was baptized I was just a little boy, but I remember just looking up into the eyes of the ordained priesthood holder who I adored so much and thought about how happy I would be being able to have the Holy Ghost be my friend for life. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for his loving hand in providing his Son Jesus Christ, so that this amazing product works." - Brother Lereewh Lekson

"WoW! That felt so great!" - Brother Avery

"I know that what I have done is the right thing to do, I have been changed by the use of this great gift from our Heavenly Father" 

Call right now and schedule your meeting with the missionaries today!!! Or visit our website at Mormon.org! Your chance for peace in this life and eternal happiness in the life to come is only a phone call or click away! 

And if you call in the next 5 min we will throw in a free copy of the Book of Mormon and 5 free visits from some of our volunteer representatives!!! We have people on the phones awaiting your call, no waits, just call now!!!

This past week we were able to see the baptism of one of our long time investigators. We have been teaching her off and on since I arrived here in the Sacramento YSA Branch. She was so happy the week before her baptism and the day of and the day after and now forever. She was excited to feel the joys of redeeming love and the happiness that Jesus Christ brings. He brings healing in more ways than just a removal from guilt, he suffered for the pains and sorrows of internal turmoil, of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical life. He has experienced it all and I know that he can help anyone who will let him. 

I love being a special witness of Jesus Christ.  Every day it causes me great joy and happiness, plus I get to see the joy and happiness of those around me. I am still applying his redeeming love every day as I repent and then take the sacrament on Sundays. This life is too hard to go at it alone and that is what the world wants us to do. But you don't have to, as Woody would say "You've got a friend in...Jesus". I pray that you have a wonderful week and that things go amazing for you, keep the faith and know that there is always hope, no matter where you are, or what your circumstance, if you are willing to come unto Christ and keep his commandments there is relief from even the most painful things in this life. Love you all and want you to know that I know these things are true!

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

p.s. Mother Typos Please! Love ya


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