Letter From Kelson - Week # 74 - When Change gives you Lemons, You go to the bank for some Cash! xD

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!
I just want you to know how ridiculously Good Looking all of you look right now! I can just see the beauty radiating from your perfectly proportioned faces, which are in no way wearing a mustache right now because I have Google funny Picture editor on...*cough* I mean, that you all have a certain covering over your lip that may pose a problem in identifying you when your friends come over and ask where you went, because of your Super Spy lip covering that is so amazing that it makes even the most distinguishing features just disappear, and then you will Reply "they went that a way" *and Point both left and right.... I wish I could see the looks on your friends' faces when they realize that they are in fact talking to you and they then feel it necessary to face palm, and walk away because of the shear random and unexpectedness of this notion.
(Please upload any videos of your experience with this strategic lip covering to my blog through my mother if you have them) xD
The title of this segment of writing is called "Look up at the title, because I don't want to type it again", And this is because it has been 6 weeks since my last confession and I have returned to tell you what has happened in the last 6 weeks in case you missed it. I was with Elder Lawrence, which in my opinion should just replace Richard Dean Anderson in a modern version of MacGyver, This guy is totally the new MacGyver, I mean he has super glue, duct tape, anything you may need to make anything run or work...I have been living the dream being his companion and have already decided that we are going to make plans for a trip back out here when we are all done with our Missionary Work. We had fun, and this fun was good fun, it was kind of dirty fun, but that is because we worked on bikes, lawnmowers, cars, did crown molding and sprinklers systems, we did some small electrical work...it was a DIY transfer and I wish it would never end. however, the powers that be, or should I say God, has decided that Elder Lawrence and I are all done together and that we need to be separated. :( So he is getting transferred about 10 miles directly to my east to be in the Elk Grove Stake to be a Zone Leader in their YSA ward. We will be separated from each other by highway 99 and we will only be able to stand on either side and wave as we no longer are companions. Imagine one of those super sad movies where this really cool duo that you have grown to love is separated and there is glass between both of them and then the camera fades out as the train leaves or the disaster strikes and one dies, or something just separates them...That's kind of what it is like this day...Except it isn't quite that sad or depressing, because he will be back to see the baptisms of Kylie and Joshua!!! WAHOO!!!
So, in regards to my title, this Is my Lemon, however, I have gone to the bank and I have received a new companion and I think he is going to be really great!  His name is Elder Cheney, he normally speaks Laotian but he will be joining me as a Zone Leader here in Sacramento. He is ending his mission in 6 weeks and the Mission President has asked me to help him become a Zone Leader...Wa Wa wait a sec!!!  I just became a Zone Leader myself, I have a basic knowledge of what is going down, but I guess the Lord will try me by Fire!!! I look forward to this transfer, I get to serve with a brand new companion, who from the public knowledge is pretty cool, and I get to continue to serve in the Sacramento YSA Branch! I love this job!  If only I could have a coconut and a palm tree with a nice cool breeze and maybe some blue water beach to sit on, then this would be paradise for me!!! Oh Wait! Don't forget the little umbrella in the Coconut and the straw, those are definite necessities for a paradisaical image in my brain!
I love this ward/branch, they make me and our investigators feel welcome. it is like a big family for those who may not have family and I hope that I can keep adding to this family with some more of God's children who are only lost from the truth because they know not where to find it. Wish me luck, October is almost here and Halloween is pretty Scary!!! (I am so excited for Halloween!!! I love this Holiday!)
Love all of you,
Elder Wheeler
p.s. MOTHER! I love you this much >                       < But I want to love you this much >                                                                                  < So please correct my TYPOS!!!
P.p.s  For those who are wondering I may end up making a best of Elder Wheeler's E-mails book when I get home, just because I hate searching for all of my funny stories. If you would like a copy, let me know soon so that I can start thinking of how much I want to charge for these books!!! MWAHHHH I have to start my multi-billion dollar business some how.


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