Letter from Kelson - Week # 44 - Transfers!!! And some Big News!!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!!

So this week was crazy. And I know that some of you are super disappointed in my last week's e-mail...So Sorry as I was trying to help my companion to receive some of the music which I have acquired the computer shut down and I lost a lot of stuff and time too. So this past two weeks still needs an update. I also apologize for the lack of elaborate story explaining the shutting down of the computer, my time today is limited and my fingers can only move so fast. 

My companion is going home in 2 days, and I am receiving a brand spanking new companion. Fresh out of the MTC!!! I am excited, afraid, upset, and a bit worried because I feel a bit inadequate to fill the responsibility of Senior Companion as well as Trainer. I have no Idea who my companion is, His name is still up in the air, but I do know one thing. Elder Baryshnikov and I will be in the same general Area!!!!! He is now my district leader and I am one of his little minions...hehe Wahoo!!! I love that KID!! Speaking of Elder B, I saw him this past week as I was given the opportunity to go back to the Land of Folsom and see the baptism of two kids that I taught while I was there. Their names were Jordan and Layla...They had the most amazing baptism, and the spirit was so strong there that I almost began to tear up and cry because I felt as if my internallness would explode with sheer joy and happiness. 

We have had an interesting week. We had many lessons, we exceeded most of our goals, and we invited 4 people to be baptized and they accepted dates to do so!!!! These people have been prepared so all we need to do is give them the information. I don't know how this works, other than when you work for the Lord and you put in your time and effort and then you pray like everything is reliant on the Lord...Cause it is...He blesses you with many sweet and cool things like a possible family of 7 coming into the fold. We are teaching this 16 and 14 year old which are part of a larger family, but the whole family seems to be very religious and wants to come to church. We are stoked. They said they would come this coming Sunday!!!! 

This work is taking off and I am super stoked to be able to train a new guy, After much time of thinking and contemplation I have realized that the Lord has been preparing me long before I was a missionary. I have been learning/teaching people how to be leaders and how to train others through the great program of Bear Claw. I know how to resolve conflict, I know how to get along with people, and I know what kind of sacrifice is needed for success...Plus, I have God on my side filling in my many holes of imperfection...What do I have to worry about. I love all of you, Please keep up the many prayers, and remember that our Heavenly Father Loves each and every one of you. There is not a single person whether member or non member who does not have the love and devotion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love him and he is my master. I will serve him to the bitter end if necessary...hehe 

Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mom Typos Please!!!! And please go through and read and make sure everything makes sense...I am moving at mach 3 with my hair on fire...hehe


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