Letter from Kelson - Week # 41 - What day is it again?!?!?!

Good Morning from Sunny California!!!!

As you can tell from the headline there has been a new thing presented before the "Board of Important People Who make Important Decisions."  They have decided that they are no longer distinguishing each day, They have decided that the whole week will become one day and that we will just keep moving until we die. It is truly sad, this decision that they have made, but I guess since they are important people who evidently make important decisions then it must be okay, but along with that I am giving away my agency to say "I want to have 7 days in my week," and I am following the social norm and becoming a little drone and robot. 

The reason for my subject being the way it is, is because I feel like one of those drones. I lost track of what day it was as they are just blending together. Yesterday definitely did not feel like a Sunday; everyone was talking about the Super Bowl, thus not normal for my Sundays...hehe

For all you Ravens fans out there...WAHOO!!!! And for you 49ers fans....It is okay there is a way to heal the pain, It is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Through proper understanding of this principle you can feel the Love that God has for you and the pain of loss and regret and the salt that the Ravens fans are rubbing into your wounds can be removed from you through Christ's Atonement.  To learn more please feel free to visit our Website at www.mormon.org or talk to your local missionaries. You will see them either riding their bikes, running from a bulldog, or talking to random people on the street, who usually smell funny. And if you still can't find them call my parents they will help you. 

As for the work here in California, we are working hard at helping people who are truly seeking the truth to find it. We have a few prospects for conversion. There is Cecilia, a 40 something Hispanic lady who is feeling a bit overwhelmed in the spiritual department because of her children, and she has a deep love for God so she has been searching for the right church. But little does she know that that right church has found her...hehe  We also are teaching Shanna, a 30 something lady and her almost 11 year old daughter Reina... They love the Gospel and we are planning on inviting them to be baptized this week!!! There are exciting things taking place here in California and I feel it a privilege to serve such a great cause. I have been blessed with the great ability to talk, and I know many of you already know that...I talk a lot, but this ability is helping me to serve even better. My companion doesn't like to talk so I do most of the talking and he chimes in every once in a while. We are pretty evenly matched I guess... :P

I would like to make a public shout out to all those who are reading this...I know it is a couple of days late but please bear with me. 

HAPPY SAUSAGE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Days after Sausage day!!!!!!

For some last minutes words of wisdom I leave you with this. 

If you love God, you will love whoever you have to deal with, because If we love God we will keep his commandments, thus Love thy neighbor as Thyself, but not just as thyself, but Love thy neighbor as Christ Loves you!!! Go with the Spirit and keep up the good fight.

Love ya,
Elder Wheeler

Mom's Note:  For those of you wondering about Sausage Day, it is February 2nd.  If you're still confused, just ponder on what everyone else calls February 2nd and the connection should become clear.  If you are still confused, email me and I'll explain it to you.  


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