Letter From Kelson - Week #102 - Repentance is Real!!! Forgiveness is Divine!!

Good Morning From Sunny California!!!
Happy Monday everyone! I am hoping that you are having a great day and that all of your dreams are coming true. I also hope that some of you have read the New Testament and remember when the Lord told his disciples that they should forgive 70 x 7, which in turn means that no matter how many time Elder Wheeler wrongs you or makes you worry for his health and safety that you forgive him every time, because the Lord has already done that. What I am really trying to say is that if there is anyone who has hard feelings about the April Fools joke I may have played on the whole world last week, if you have a hard time forgiving, remember this acronym WWJD...and then apply this like you would the shampoo in the shower. Rinse, Lather, Repeat!
Now that you all love me again and don't want to rip my head off or make me wish that I was stuck in a wheelchair covered in tiny pins and needles being endlessly tormented by a loud and obnoxious parakeet that can only say "I wish I was not stuck in a wheelchair" and having someone play DDR in front of me, I guess I can now move on to the real reason why you tune in every week and listen to my story of bravery and daring and dashing stunts.
We have moved from a small town home in the nice pleasant neighborhood of suburbia and have been introduced to the lovely land of Downtown Sacramento. I just love living downtown; it is sooooo cool, there are lots of crazy people as well as people who are up at all hours of the night laughing and giggling and farting... I guess life in the fast lane is the way it goes. OH YEAH!!!!
We are going to be blessed to see an investigator baptized on the 19th of April and confirmed on the 20th. The missionaries having been working with her for almost 2 years now... It is totally wicked!! The time has finally come for her to get baptized and I get to be a part of it. She came and watched conference on Saturday and afterward she was talking about going on a mission and the possibility of having a companion that is as crazy as I am....I guess that only the special missionaries get to have crazy loons as their companions. It was just super cool, being able to see that all this hard work that we have been putting into this work is coming to a glorious close.
In the news of how our zone is doing, we have set a goal of baptizing 15 people in the month of April, and we are well on our way to completing that goal. We have 7 people who have accepted baptismal dates and are keeping their commitments, and we have 4 other people who have committed to be baptized this month. It is awesome. We are seeing miracles every day, and all we did was fast and pray, and then work our butts off to see the success of the Lord take place right before our eyes. This work is hastening, and I encourage all those who are within the sound of my typing fingers to take heed and remember this day.  This is a day that will be forever remembered because we got to be a part of the most amazing time in the history of the world compared to the parting of the Red Sea and the Birth of Christ. This time is the time that the Lord is gathering his elect from the four corners of the earth so that all may know to whom they look for salvation. The One and Only, Jesus Christ, The Son of God. Only under his name may salvation be brought to anyone, anything or anywhatever. I testify that now is the time for members and missionaries to work together, as well as members to work with their friends and family. Now is the time that the Gospel will penetrate the very heart of anyone who is willing to allow a sliver of hope in Christ to sink into their soul. Now is the time, DON'T MISS IT!!!
I love you,

Elder Wheeler
P.s. Mother I know that deep down you have some hidden resentments towards me, please let those go and fix my Typos!!! LOVE YA!!!


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